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NoClone Is A Duplicate File & Folder Finder With Content Comparison

A lot of files get accumulated on our computers as a result of downloads from the internet, copying files from our cameras, mobile devices and USB flash drives, and file transfers over the network. If left unnoticed for a while. we often end up with multiple copies of the same files in different locations, which can be pretty annoying as they consume a lot of valuable disk space without serving any purpose. Manually locating and deleting duplicate files is obviously a very lengthy and tedious process and by default, Windows does not provide you with any option to deal with duplicate files in separate folders. To avoid all this work, you can use any of the available third party tools that check selected folders for duplicate files according to different criteria such as file names, metadata, and file sizes, image dimensions etc. NoClone is one such application for Windows that lets you search for duplicate files and folders in your system in order to easily get rid of them.

When you launch the tool for the first time, you can choose to boot the Free Edition of the app, or try one of the paid versions. Just select Free Edition and click Try.


Using the available options, you can search any part of your local disk based on several parameters. The main interface of the application offers many search modes including Exact duplicate files, Duplicate mp3, Similar files, Compare folders, Similar images, Duplicate Outlook emails and search by size. You can also choose the search location, and any paths you want to exclude. Unfortunately, not all Search Modes are available in the free version of the application, and you’ll need to buy the paid version to use the Compare Folders and Similar Images feature of the application.

To use all the other features of the application, select the required mode from the top, specify the locations to search, choose the required paths to exclude and click Search. You can add multiple folders at a time and make the search recursive to search within the subfolders of all selected folders as well. When the Duplicate Outlook emails search mode is selected, the application automatically scans the local email folder associated with Outlook.

Reasonable NoClone 2013

You can exclude specific folders and specific file types in them by using the Exclusion dialog box. Moreover, you can exclude hidden files and folders as well as system folders from the search.


If you are not satisfied with the predefined search modes, click the Redefine button at the top-right to manually specify several search parameters. You can choose custom duplicate file matching criteria, select from several MP3 tags if searching for audio files, and include files matching only certain size limits or last modified date range.

Define report

When the scan is completed, the application automatically switches to the Results tab. All the duplicate files found in the search are listed according to their Folder Path, with additional columns for File Name, File Size, and Date Modified. When dealing with images, you can even see a preview of both files at the bottom. You can only delete duplicate images one by one in the free version, as ‘Smart Marker’ and ‘Mark all except one’ options are only available in premium versions.

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NoClone works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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