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NoDrives Manager Does NOT Properly Hide Logical Drives

Recently a few tech blogs covered a tool called NoDrives Manager that can hide the local drives. According to them, it can be used to hide important files that we don’t want others to access. The problem here is that this tool is not the best way to hide your important files. Be warned and do not use this tool to hide sensitive files.

So what does it do and what is wrong with it? It is a small tool that modifies the registry key thus making any local drive hidden from the Windows Explorer. Note that it remains hidden from from Windows Explorer only, it doesn’t mean that the drive now becomes inaccessible. You can still be easily find it using 3rd party file explorers.

Therefore, your files are vulnerable and can be accessed easily by even 9yr old kids. To understand have a look at the screenshot below.

Hidden drive D

Note that(in screenshot above) you cannot see drive D in Windows Explorer, but you can easily see it from FileZilla. Heck, even the contents are easily browsable.

So we conclude that this tool is just a toy and should not be used for hiding drives(since there is no encryption). If you want to hide important files, have a look at Cryptor and Secret Data Manager.

If you just want to play a prank with someone or want to hide the drive for testing purpose only, then you can give it a shot. Otherwise I will never recommend using this method to hide important files. Also if you are using Windows 7, then why not use the awesome build-in BitLocker feature. It can properly encrypt the drives and prevent unauthorized access.

NoDrives Manager

It can work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows but I wouldn’t recommend playing with this tool. It might mess up your registry real bad.

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