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Noow: Integrate Audio, Video & Torrent Website For Downloading Content

Noow is a feature rich application that serves as an HD media player, torrent downloader, podcast client and a multimedia file manager. You can integrate any web service which offers audio, video or torrent downloading capability to Noow interface. For example, you can integrate MegaVideo by simply adding its URL to Noow sources and browse through the website via Noow. When a video is played from a source website, a option to download to your local drive automatically appears. Similarly, you can add podcast feeds and torrent websites, browse through them and download content. Although Noow is an HD media player, it plays back even lower quality videos quite well.

During installation, you are provided with an option to select a directory containing your local media files. The audio and video files from a selected directory automatically get organized within Noow.

Noow Setup

For example, the videos are added to the Videos section and the audio files are added to the Music section. In case you would like to add more directories or add files to your video and music collection, go to File -> Import.


Noow comes with some pre-installed sources for audio, video and torrent websites, including YouTube, Hulu, PBS, YouTorrent and ClearBits. You are free to add other websites from the Sources section, for example, you can add MegaVideo, Vimeo, Iso Hunt etc simply by entering their URLs.

Add Source

Once a web service is added as a Source, you can browse through the website. When a video or audio track is streamed, you are automatically provided the option to download it via Noow.


Similarly, you can download a torrent files by adding and browsing through source websites.

Download Torrent

All downloaded files can be viewed and managed from Downloads.


Noow can also convert audio and video files to popular mobile formats, and contains presets for some popular devices including, Behold II, Cliq/DEXT, G2, Epic, galaxy tab, Hero, Magic, nexus, iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.


By default, Noow comes with a number of podcasts including TED, Lifehacker, This American and VODOD. Adding new podcasts and updating existing ones can be done from Sidebar drop down menu. The section below podcasts allows creating custom audio and video playlists.


Noow is indeed a comprehensive multimedia application which provides robust functionality for managing, downloading and viewing audio, video  and torrent files. The best part of this application is integrating virtually any audio, video and torrent-based web service with Noow.

Note: It’s worth mentioning here that this application is ad-supported, in that it offers to change the browsers homepage and default search engine. Not only can these be easily avoided by performing a custom install, there are also no ads within the application itself. Noow works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Noow


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