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Notee: Synchronize Text Notes Between Windows, Mac And The Cloud

Note-taking is a highly productive activity, and when it comes to jotting down your notes and appointments, Evernote is simply an unparalleled contender (okay, there’s also OneNote, but then again, it’s not available for free). Evernote has flourished the concept of how we can annotate and synchronize our work across different devices, making it at our disposal wherever we go. We have covered plentiful alternative note management applications for all major platforms as well, such as CintaNotes, which syncs notes in real-time via Dropbox. Today, we have another one for you called Notee. Akin to Evernote, the application effectively syncs your notes and other agenda between Windows and Mac machines (no Android or iOS love yet). Along with that, it provides remote storage access through the web browser, for which you’d obviously need a Notee user account first.

You can either complete the sign up process through web or from within the desktop client, whichever seems suitable. After successfully signing up (which doesn’t even require a confirmation email), enter your User Name and Password into the application and click the login button to get started.


The interface of Notee is not something jaw-dropping, as it looks plain and simple. There’s a preview panel to the right, which displays all the saved notes, as well as provides preview of the content itself. The feature that is quite commendable however, is its integrated calendar (Evernote lacks any calendar integration). This calendar provides legend symbols for Notes and Scheduling (N and S, respectively), so you can easily keep an eye on your day to day agenda. You can either click New on the toolbar or Double-click your preferred date to store a new note.


All the notes writing and scheduling takes place in a separate window. To store a new note, simply input its Title, Time, Type (note or schedule) and enter your note in the text body. The application doesn’t allow attaching any multimedia content with the entries, so all you can do is write the textual information only. Once done, click the Save button to the right to store the note.

Notee_New Note

Notee automatically syncs all the locally saved notes with your user account in the cloud. Not only can you view your notes by logging into Notee’s webpage, but you can also edit or delete them, should you so need to. It offers the same calendar layout that is found the desktop client, and a Note List to the right for instant access.


Notee is far from being as impressive as our favorite Evernote is, but a few features, like the built-in calendar and event scheduling, make it stand apart. The application works on Windows and Mac OS X, with the Android version currently under development.

Download Notee

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  1. I don’t see it taking off that much. Best of luck to them but Evernote already has taken most of the users who are needing this type of service.

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