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NoteFly – Note Taking Application With Social Sharing Features

You may have noticed lately my frequent reviews of various note-taking tools. The main reason for this is the fact that I rely on these a lot. They come in really handy while working to make little reminders, jot down important facts, tasks etc, or to simply make a note of something. NoteFly is another such tool which holds some distinct differences from others.

First, this open source tool is XML based, hence it does not modify the system registry. Second, its development is based on .NET Framework 2.0. The notes taken with this tool offer customization of color, can be made sticky and transparent, sent through email and shared through Facebook/Twitter, among others.


The notes can be resized, moved to anywhere on the desktop, or minimized to the system tray. It also supports HTML code syntax, and highlights them for easy referencing.

The social network sharing feature is one of the most distinctive ones, because it lets you share useful stuff on the fly. Notes can also be emailed using the default email client. Right-clicking a note will give you full customization options, including locking and hiding, and exporting a note as a text file.

NoteFly 2

The application also adds a tray icon, where you can configure the settings. You can have NoteFly autostart with Windows, provide Facebook and Twitter credentials, control proxy settings, manage appearance and set default emailing address, to name a few.

NoteFly uses merely 7 MB of RAM and is totally non-intrusive. It requires .NET Framework 2.0 or later to work, and our test system running x86 Windows 7 handled it without problems.

Download NoteFly

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