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Notesbrowser Groups Multiple Notes Into Sections & Categories

We have come across many note taking applications such as WYSIWYG and LaTeX based Gwennel tool, KeepNote to maintain notebook hierarchy, and an XML based NoteFly. If you need a note taking application which is geared towards managing extensive number of notes and multiple kind of information, Notesbrowser is what you need. As its name suggest, it employs a browser having broad layout for creating notes in different categories and in multiple sections.

The application is comprehensive in terms of features and options it offers. The interface is neat and spruced-up. While it walks you through the related information about pre-defined sections & categories, it does so in Examples window which can be accessed from the left sidebar. It shows 4 categories which assists you in quickly adding up respective information. You have categories like Telephone & Emails, MP3, Weblinks, and Notes. However, you can easily change the categories’ names and change text format, color, size, etc. An extensive list of features and options are found on the upper part of the window. The toolbar offers all the basic text editing tools and options, ranging from undo, to cut, copy, paste, to format painter, to sort and indentation. The Menu bar offers native database backup option along with scheduler and calendar for to-do task management, etc.


The sidebar at right flank is main notes category navigator, you can create multiple categories and store all the related information in different sections. One noteworthy feature is that it supports 6 tabs with each category, you can add these tabs from the lower part of the window.

From main menu button, you can reach Configuration window. The application is highly customizable and offers different parts which can be changed in a way you want. You can change settings for database backup, Font, Layout, Reminders and whole lot more tools and features.


It sits in a system tray providing user basic options which are useful while taking notes or saving any information. You can launch Calculator, Notepad, File Explorer, etc.

notebrowser startup1

Even though the free version has some limitations yet it offers enough features to address the needs of any advanced user. The Pro version offers unlimited number of categories and full customization, you can easily update to Pro version right from the application, which costs $38.95 only. It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

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