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Notifier Plugin For Skype And Free Voicemail Logger

Maxa Notifier for Skype is a small plugin for Skype that is brilliantly outstanding. It makes the overall Skype experience more seamless and easy. It notifies you audibly when a contact’s state changes, thus making it easier for users to keep track of Skype when away from computer.

Voice Notification is just one part of the add-on. It also has a build-in call statistics and voicemail log. First select the contact from the list and hit Add Action button, now select the contact form the action list, choose the action, and hit Apply.

You can assign an action during any occasion, such as, when contact changes status to Available, Offline, Away, or Do Not Disturb, and when the contact sends an instant message or when contact is no longer away.

There are two actions to choose from, either you can select an audio file to play or you can select the build-in Windows Speech Recognition to read the input text. The default voice used in Windows 7 is ‘Microsoft Anna’. You can always preview the voice before applying the action.

MAXA Notifier for skype

You can also choose to show notification on the screen. To change preferences, such as, save status log, loop sound, run app with windows, etc, hit the Options button. You can also chose the Speech Settings from here.

Click the Call Statistics button to check the call records and click the Manage Skype Voicemails button to manage the voicemails. You can play/delete any voicemail from the list. This feature comes really handy since Skype 4 does not provide a simple interface to manage the voicemails and call statistics.

call statistics and skype voicemail

If you consider hundreds of paid commercial apps out there and then have a look at this app which is free(no crapware or adware), you will be blown away by it’s functionality. It works seamlessly with the latest version of Skype.

Download MAXA Notifier for Skype

The setup file is only 1MB in size and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008, and Windows 7.

Update: Have a look at VoiceGear Contact Alerter which is another great addon with similar but more features.

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