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Notify Yourself Of Important Tasks With NotifyMe Personal Management Tool

There are many task managers out there, we have covered some here, here, here and here. None of the above mentioned personal task management software have powerful notifications feature. If you are a heavy computer user, it is quite common to forget an important task. NotifyMe wants to change all that by introducing an app that alerts a user by showing an image, text overlay, balloon notification, and audio all at once. Guaranteed to make every user remember the important tasks, unless you are lazy.

It works very differently from both Growl and Snarl. You have to enter a custom message and choose the related settings. You can either set the time as countdown or select a certain time. To make sure the user never misses a task, there is an option to select full screen overlay, change desktop background temporarily, and display a pop-up window. For audio it supports both mp3 and wav format.

Notification Editor

The notifications can fade in/out and repeat the process until the user stops it himself. Once a new notification is added, you will find it along with it’s preview on the main window. You can always save a set of tasks and open them later, comes useful when you need to migrate the tasks to another computer.

Notify Me

The balloon notifications are pretty straightforward as you can see in the screenshot below. It uses the default Windows notification feature to display the balloon notification.

notify ballon

You can choose to alert yourself of an important task via image, audio, overlay text, balloon notification, or all four at once.

Download NotifyMe

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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