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NotiPage – Monitor Web Pages For Changes Or Updates Without Using RSS

RSS is a simple way of monitoring a website for changes but would you add just about any site to your feed? For sites that don’t have RSS or any other way to keep up with updates, you have to manually check for new content. To monitor single pages or to monitor a page for a particular update, NotiPage is a better solution. Instead of cluttering your feed reader, this desktop application lets you create alerts for a particular page. You can monitor a page for updates or for new content related to a particular topic by entering keywords.

NotiPage Alert Properties

Once installed, create your first alert. It’s worth mentioning here that the application will not be able to monitor pages that are only accessible by logging in to a site or service. Public forums and threads can easily be monitored, however, your Facebook profile cannot.

To add an alert, go to Alerts and select New Alert. Give the alert a name, no two alerts can have the same name but you can set up different alerts for the same URL. Enter the URL of the page you want to track changes for. Select what you want to monitor the web page for; when the page has been updated (regardless of what the update is) or if a particular word or word(s) have been mentioned in an update. Additionally, you can monitor instances when you don’t have access to a particular website. A specific interval can be defined for how frequently a website should be checked for updates or changes.

notiPage alert

When the application detects a change as per an alert that you’ve set up, it notifies you of it and loads the page.


The application has the built-in feature to open web pages that are being monitored. You can use it to view the changes but its functionality shouldn’t be confused with that of a web browser. If you prefer to, you can open the web page in a browser but the application opens links in Internet Explorer (regardless if it is your default browser or not) and there isn’t any way to change it.

edit alerts

To edit or delete an alert, select it from the list in the main window. Right-click and choose Properties of this Alert to edit it or select Delete this Alert to delete an alert. You can choose to enable or disable alerts selectively any time. The application is non

Download NotiPage

[via TechDows]


  1. Hello.

    We are pleased to inform you that a major update of NotiPage has just been released (version 1.20), with a lot of new features :
    – Better support for websites needing an authentication.
    – Addition of the highlighting of new text in “Page Update Monitoring” Mode.
    – Addition of the “Continuous Monitoring” Option (to avoid interruption of the monitoring when a detection is triggered).
    – Addition of the “In Updated Text Only” Option (allow to be alerted only if the searched words appear in the page update).
    – Addition of buttons on the main window to execute actions from “Alerts” Menu.
    – Addition of the possibility to clear the web pages locally stored by the application.

    And all of these features remain totally free !

    Please, don’t hesitate to send us comments or suggestions on http://www.notipage.com/en/contact.php

    Best regards.

    NotiPage Team.

    PS : A description of the alert settings has been added to the website at http://www.notipage.com/en/support.php

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