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Now Share Files In Google Docs From Windows Context Menu With Syncdocs

What made previously reviewed Syncdocs stand out was the ability to perform seamless synchronization of defined local folders, files, and supported documents with Google Docs. It syncs folders and documents from Windows context menu, provides a direct link to view synced documents in Google Docs web UI, and shows live status of folders and documents being synced between your PC and Google Docs, but doesn’t allow you to share files with other users from the desktop. The new version of Syncdocs now includes a little yet nifty file sharing feature that lets you share files with an option to change sharing preferences as well.

After installing the latest version of Syncdocs, right-click the file which you want to share with others and select Share in Google Docs option from Windows right-click context menu.

share google docs

The share file dialog will pop-up, allowing you to set the sharing preferences. Once done, simply click Share Now to upload and share file with others. If you want to further change the sharing permissions and configurations, Hit Advanced to open Google Docs web UI advance sharing page.

share now

After the file is uploaded, you will see a small dialog box, asking if you want to share uploaded file link on Facebook, Twitter, Google Mail, or Google Buzz.

share links 3

You can also copy the provided direct link to share with users manually.

Download Syncdocs

Thanks Andrew Fields for the tip!


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