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NTFS Permissions Reporter: View Access Permissions Applied On Folders Under One Hood

Even though Windows 7 lets you check drive, folder and file permission from Security window (accessible from Property dialog), it doesn’t provide an option to check which drives can be accessed by which Administrators or Users group . For instance, if you want to know that which users that belong to Administrators group are allowed to make changes to system-wide locations, you have to open Advance Security Settings to view the folder/drive owners and access permissions. NTFS Permissions Reporter is a minuscule, yet powerful application that reads NTFS access permissions for both Administrators and Users group, letting you view users who have full control over selected drive’s content. Not only does it report Full Control access permissions, but it also shows Modify and Special file access permission for NTFS formatted drives. Apart from specified drives, it also shows access permissions for directories and sub-directories. More on NTFS Permissions Reporter after the jump.

The application isn’t meant for making changes to NTFS access permissions. It only shows the NTFS access permissions for selected drives and their directories. You can choose to select a drive or include all the disk partitions (formatted with NTFS) to check the access permissions. You have the option to exclude folders, which are not to be included in the report. The report settings can be saved in XML format. You can load the saved settings to quickly view the NTFS permissions for any local drive.

The main interface lists down all the local drives, letting you select the drives whose NTFS permissions are to be read. Before you hit Run Report, you can use Exclude Directories option to specify folders you don’t want to include in report.

ntfs permissions reporter

When you click Run Report, it immediately starts reading the NTFS permission, and then generates a detailed report. By default, it shows report in Tree style, but you can view report in Table format by clicking the Table option from Results format.

It shows NTFS permissions for users belong to Administrators group, Authenticated Users, SYSTEM (user object), users belong to Users group. The main window shows access permissions for selected directory.


Perhaps the most useful feature of application is show access permission for each listed directory. Just select the user group from navigation pane to view advance access permissions in main window. For instance, if you want to view Administrators access permission details for a specific directory, select it from the list to check the permissions details including Security Principal and Access Control Entry.

permission details

The Table format shows each user group for each directory in selected drives. It shows complete path of directory, Account type, Account, Display Name, From Group, Type, Permission, Apply To and other information in columns.

NTFS table format

The application allows you to save the report in HTML format. Click Export Report on toolbar, choose the information in columns you want to save, choose HTML, and then hit Export.

NTFS Permissions Report is an extremely useful application for system administrators who often need to quickly check the drives, files and folders access permissions. However, the free version doesn’t support applying filters and exporting report in CSV format. You can upgrade the free version to Standard version (costs $149) from within the application to remove all the restrictions applied on free version, and also to email reports to specified recipients as soon as you generate them, add command line support etc.

The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, provided you have .Net framework 4 installed.

Download NTFS Permissions Reporter

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