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Nugget Is A Command Line Download Utility With Virus Total Scan [Windows]

Wary is how you would best describe me when it comes to installing unknown apps for Windows. Even the safest looking developers sometimes end up adding something extra in the EXE file so I make sure I scan these installers and executables using Virus Total and it has saved me plenty of pain and suffering. If you prefer downloading apps from the command line instead of through your browser and its download manager, or any download manager for that matter, consider giving Nugget a try. In addition to a being a command line download utility, it also scans the file using Virus Total so you don’t have to do it manually.

Nugget is a portable utility so no installation required. All you need to do is type in the download link and hit Enter. It doesn’t just let you paste a link from your clipboard which is a shame since some download links can be exceptionally long. Enter the link and hit Enter. You can use both HTTP and HTTPS links without any problem as it supports both.

nugget link


Once download is complete, Nugget scans it using Virus Total and gives you a report (see screenshot below). The app exits itself automatically once the download and scan are both complete though I think users should be able to choose if it exits automatically since they would want to look at the report.

nugget download complete

On to the pros and cons of the app. I get that it is a command line utility but considering we’re dealing with download links, a user should be able to paste one copied to their clipboard. It makes the utility something users might avoid using which is a shame since it works so well.

The great thing about Nugget, apart from it scanning files using the Virus Total API is that it works for older versions of the Windows OS as far back as XP. If you’re on a Windows 8 machine, you might scoff at that being something positive but people really do still use the older version and everyone wants to be safe.  All in all, a good utility that could do with some slight tweaking. A huge thanks to Sven the developer of Nugget for sharing it with us.

Download Nugget


  1. Alt+Space e p -> Paste in command prompt in English. Alt+Space is rather useful, where shortcuts aren’t normally available.

  2. Nice find! About clipboard pasting: I think Ctrl-V never works in a command prompt. But right-click / paste works for me (on Windows 8.1)

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