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Observe Hot Product Deals On Amazon With Amazon Watcher

Do you always miss out on important product deals and discount rates over at Amazon? Perhaps, you are checking bookmarked product repeadeatdly to see the newly quoted price and other related hot deals. If you’re tired of keeping tab on your favorite products in this way, it’d be better to try Amazon Watcher. It is a small program which does nothing except keeps you updated you on specified product deals, so you would never miss out a deal for which you’ve been waiting for. It keeps a regular check on product availability and price change. Whenever defined items become available in stock, it will immediately notify you for checking the updated product details. For your convenience, it allows creating rules for showing desktop notifications. You can create rule by defining What To Watch scenario – either alert user when defined item is in stock or when its price drops to specified amount. Additionally, you can customize its reactions when it finds the product details according to defined rule.

With minimal set of configurations, you can instantly populate the list with products. Either specify the ASIN number of product or complete web URL to add the product in the list. Once added, select the product item, and under When to Watch and How to React section, specify the condition for showing alert and way to respond respectively. After you are done, click Start button on toolbar to begin observing specified products.

AmazonWatcher [Watching]

The application can be minimized to system tray. A click on its icon will let you start, stop and restore product observation process from the menu. Whenever any of specified product is available under defined price tag, it will notify you with pop-up message, letting you instantly view updated information regarding the product.


Another interesting feature which you can use is sending alerts to your email address.From Preferences, you can change default refresh time and specify email address to directly send alerts.


It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Amazon Watcher

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