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OCTray – Solution To Broken CD/DVD Drive Button

When I was a teenager I had a computer with a broken CD/DVD drive tray button. The only way around this problem was to eject the tray by right-clicking the Drive icon and selecting Eject from the context menu, inserting the CD or DVD and then pushing it manually. This was quite frustrating since there was no solution at that time.

I followed the above mentioned workaround for around 6 months before collecting enough pocket money to buy a brand new CD/DVD Drive. Well those were some old memories, but what if the CD/DVD drive tray button breaks again today?

OCTray is a free utility that lets user open/close the tray quickly. It is a simple tool that sits silently in the system tray and works in two ways.

Double-click the system tray icon and select Show Window from the context menu. This will open a simple window and make two keyboard keys active, click C to close the disk tray and hit O to open the disk tray.


But the easiest method is to double-click the system tray icon and choose Open or Close from the context menu.

broken disk tray

Download OCTray

I tested this tool on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and it worked great. It is a portable tool and works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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