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The Official Google Search App For Windows 8 Now Available

The best thing about Google services is that you get roughyl the same usage experience on all platforms. From time to time, developers do write dedicated clients for various Google services (just yesterday, we covered a third party Windows 8 app for Google Maps, called G Maps), but nothing’s better than an official app that packs all the features you’ll ever need. Google released their official Google Search app for Windows 8 today. The Windows Store app allows you to use Google’s search engine, Voice Search and other Google services without having to launch a browser.

In order to install the Google Search on your Windows 8 device, open Windows Store, use Win+Q hotkey combination to bring up Search Charms. Now, type in google search and press enter. The search results will appear to the left. Click the Google Search tile to open its in-Store page.

GS Store Search

The main page of Google Search displays its description and screenshots. Click the Install button on the left side to download and install the app to your computer.

GS Main

When you start the app for the first time, it asks for permission to use your location. Click Allow to start using the app.

Location Access

Remember that once the app is installed, you should be able to access it from the Win+Q Search Charms. The main interface of the app looks similar to web app interface. You have the search bar in the center, the Sign in and Settings buttons are available at the top right corner, while the History, Applications and Voice Search options are present at the bottom.

Google Search

To search for something, just type the keyword in the search bar and press enter or tap the search button.

Google Search Results

The app allows you to search Web, Images, Videos, News and all the other categories, such as Books, Blogs, Discussions, Applications etc.

GS Image

Since Windows 8 is also optimized for tablets, the search features are integrated into the app. Click the Voice Search button available on the main screen to activate the feature. Once the “Speak Now” message is displayed, say anything that you want to search for.

Voice Search

The Applications button on the main screen lets you use other Google services without leaving the app, such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, News, Google+, Reader, Maps, YouTube etc.

All Apps

The Settings menu can be accessed from the button at the top right side, or by right-clicking anywhere inside the app. It lets you view your Recent Searches, head over to Home, open the Tutorial or use Voice Search.

GS History

The Google Search app works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8. Testing was done on Windows 7 64-bit.

Get Google Search from Windows Store

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