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Official Windows 8 App Store With Metro User Interface Confirmed

Among the many speculations and rumors surrounding Windows 8 was the arrival of an official app store; the conference confirmed Windows 8 app store that will indeed serve as an official repository for Windows applications. Apps submitted to the store will be subject to a review process. Windows 8 comes with an app store that will be used to download, install and purchase these apps.

While the store isn’t live yet in the Windows 8 developer build, the layout was nevertheless previewed at the conference. It follows the Metro layout and divides the store into several sections in order to categorize apps. In addition to having the conventional sections that are typical to app stores (game, social, etc) there will be a spotlight area that highlights the best ones. Both Metro style and desktop apps will be available for download from the store. A preview of what a featured app would look was given at the conference.

Windows 8 build

The apps will be categorized in to different categories, you can filter apps by categories, price and date of upload.

Windows 8 app store

All applications submitted to the store will be reviewed by Microsoft in what it promises to be a short time span and developers will be kept posted on what stage of approval their app is on. The approval process will be spread out over 6 steps; Pre-processing, Security tests, Technical compliance tests, Content Compliance tests,Signing and publishing and Release. App developers can distribute their apps in multiple ways i.e.; as free apps, apps for purchase and apps with a trial period. How an individual app’s page would appear in the app store was also previewed. As per the layout, users who download an app will be able to rate it. The page will include a screenshot(s) of the app, a brief description and a list of features.

windows 8 app pages

Perhaps what is the biggest relief for developers is that Microsoft will not take as long to review an app as Apple does where the time period of having an app reviewed can take up to 2 weeks. Apps will be reviewed to ensure they do not pose a security threat in any way.

[Credit for images: Business Insider]

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  • jesse

    What I’d like to know is, will publishing applications be free, or will there be monthly fee’s for a license, etc.
    I’d like to start developing apps now, but if it’s not free, forget windows 8 and their marketplace.

    and I’m sure tons of other devs are with me.

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