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OhMemo – Small To-Do List Manager With Compact And Extended User Interface

Automated To-do list managers have the capacity to organize list according to user-specified criteria and conditions, but what about the hassle one has to go through for defining the rules which will be applied over defined tasks? OhMemo is targeted towards users who like the concept of Getting Things Done rather than defining task organizing functions manually. OhMemo comes with two, one-click switchable, user interfaces – Compact and Extended View, to view and manage the listed task as per your liking.

Since it capitalizes more on creating a quick list of to-dos. You just have to create a new task, name it and enter the details. The main content area supports rich text, so you can put any kind of data in it, including, links, images, text, etc.

After installation, it will ask you to select view (Compact / Extended) from pull-down menu at the top. After selection, you can check out different characteristics of selected view. Now close the window to open the main interface.

OhMemo 1

The Extended view offers a navigation bar to hold the tasks whereas the main interface is for creating to-do lists. It supports rich text formats, and thus allows pasting not only text but images and hyperlinks as well. You can also change text style, highlight it and convert it to heading 1,2 or 3.

ohmemo 2

When you want to create a new note, just enter the name at the top input box and press Enter. It will get listed in left side bar. You can change the task priority from right-click menu.


From Settings, you can switch between the UIs and choose to delete all to-do lists at once. OhMemo is an open source application which works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download OhMemo

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