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Online Drive Benchmark Compares Storage Services, Picks Best One For You

When users embark on a journey to select an online drive where they want to backup all their data, it can be a hard decision to make. Once you select an online storage drive where hundreds of Gigabytes of personal data have been stored, you cannot move to another cloud service easily. Online Drive Benchmark wants to help you in making this difficult decision speedily. It benchmarks and compares the leading online storage drives and shows the one which is best suitable for your PC and your internet connection.

It sounds all exciting until you hear that the process is long, especially when you are not registered with any of the online drives that it supports. What the tool does is to connect online drives with your local drives. It sounds simple until you try it yourself. If you are comparing 4 online storage services, you will have to register with each one of them, unless you already have an account with them, in which case simply login by clicking “Connect the drive for me” button. It will automatically map the online drives to your local drives. Ofcourse, the application takes care of all steps but it can become tiresome. Can you trade “tiresome process” with “difficult decision of selecting a cloud service”? This is question you need to ask yourself before giving Online Drive Benchmark a try.

Now back to the review. Once you launch the application, all supported online drives will be shown on the main interface. For now, it only supports Strato HiDrive (if available in your location), Trend Micro SafeSync, Box.net, DriveHQ, and Filesanywhere.

Online Drive Benchmark

But wait, what about your favorite online drive? What about Dropbox, SugerSync, Spideroak, Mozy,  ZumoDrive, iDrive, etc? The developers have provided a detailed reason on the homepage, in a nutshell these online drives are untestable because they do not provide any tool to obtain proper information. You should read the “Why is my favorite online drive missing?” section to understand the reasoning but the developers have promised that they are still looking to add them in the future.

Once you have selected the online drives from the main interface, you will have to set up an account for each service, connect the online drive, and finally select the local drive to connect with. If you already have account with an online drive, then you can skip the “create account” and “select local drive” section because the application will automatically set up a local drive for you, when you click Connect the drive for me and enter your login details.

Online Drive benchmark local drive

After completing a long process of setting up all drives, it will show you the online drives which will be tested. Click Start Benchmark to begin benchmarking. Make sure that all other internet based activity is shut down before you begin for correct results.

online drive compare

It will take some time before the benchmark process is finished. You can export the final results to either CSV file or PNG image file.

Online Storage Benchmark

Online Drive Benchmark is in beta and is developed by Ocster, the guys behind previously reviewed Ocster Backup. Being a new tool, it supports only 5 drives as for now, with more online drives promised to be added soon. It works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. We tested it on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download Online Drive Benchmark

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