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Open A File Quickly With Any Program By Dropping It In Dropper

Suppose you want to open a file(any format) with a specific program but don’t want to open it with the default program, what will you do?

There are two answers to this question, either a user is going to select Open With option in the right-click context menu or either he will start the application, hit File > Open, and then choose the files. Remember that both methods can be time consuming if you want to open multiple files with the same application over and over again, but also don’t want to make it as default because you already like the default app as well.

Dropper is a little floating window that allows you to launch any file with a program defined by the user. All you need to do is right-click the window, select Set Program, and choose the application with which you want to launch the files.


Now once the program has been set, simply drag the files to the window and it will be launched instantly.

drag file to open

So in which situation will it come useful? Suppose I am a graphic artist who has to open some specific image formats in GIMP while others in IrfanView. Since the default program for opening up images is GIMP, I want to open some specific images in Irfanview without having to go through Open With procedure again and again. So to save time and increase productivity Dropper will come handy.

There are some useful options you will find in the Dropper right-click context menu, you can enable/disable it, choose to keep it always on top, resize the size of window, change transparency and background, and much more.

Download Dropper

The developer used Autohotkey for this program. It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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