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Open And Edit Large CSV Files With reCsvEdit

CSV editors are generally referred to as applications which has an ability to edit only Comma Separated Value stored in a data file. Since any character can be used to delimit data fields, you must have an editor which supports a  slew of widely used delimiters, including, comma, tabs, colons, semi-colons, hex characters and so on. reCsvEdit is a cross-platform editor which can open and modify almost all types of files whose data fields are consistently separated by a specific character. According to the developer, unlike other CSV editors, it is developed for handling large (very large) CSV and other like file formats. Moreover, it allows you to add, move and copy the data fields with a facility of changing field separators and quotes. Once file is edited, you can export the modified data fields in FWT, XML, and HTML format.

To begin editing a file, click Open on toolbar and select the CSV file. It will display the file content while enabling you to switch between different layouts. You can open another file to compare both files side by side and edit them accordingly.

The window containing file comprises of some basic data editing and data moving options which are lined alongside Layouts. From right-click menu, you can access all the provided options such as, sort the data field, copy, cut, insert and delete a record, apply filters, edit record, move to specified line, fix or hide selected column, and clear the selected field.

cut record 2

After you’ve edited the file, you can save it into CSV, HTML, XML format. It works on operating systems where JRE is installed.

Download reCsvEdit

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