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Open Specified Part Of Huge Text Files With BOFC Partial Viewer

Analyzing long log files and huge document is unarguably a cumbersome job and it takes a lot of precious time to get to the required position in the document to begin with. Cutting the time short by opening only the required part of such big documents would definitely lessen the frustration of navigating through the document. BOFC is an application which facilitates user to open specified part of such huge text files, documents, logs, etc.

It is capable of opening partial document by defining different parameters such as; first x number of lines, last x number of lines, percentage of document, lines between specified position, etc. All the options can be found on the upper part of the interface. You’d just need to specify the file which you need to view partially, set the parameters as desired, and click Open to view the defined part of the document. It also let user enable/disable scroll bars, line wrap, and terminator. If needed, you can also convert the document into grid for better viewing.


grid view`
(Grid View)

The application comes useful for users who need to keep a constant check on huge logs, text documents, etc. It is a portable application and runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download BOFC

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