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Open Any File On System Startup With Instant File Opener

Are you working on some assignment and creating a PowerPoint presentation for it? Now you can configure your such important files to open automatically once the system starts up. Instant File Opener is a free tool which allows users to open any specified file with the user-specified application on Windows logon. It can also come useful in situations when you are to give a presentation and have to take your own laptop to the meeting. Once you set the application launch the required app, just start Windows, and it will open the presentation.

This post has been updated to let you know that Instant File Opener also supports Windows 8. The article was updated on March 30, 2012.

This tool works with all types of files, you may configure any file to work with it by simply clicking the open button which will then allow you to browse and select the file of your choice. You may manually open a configured file with its respective application by clicking the Open Files in the File List button. Enable the Rotate through files in the File List option if you want to cycle through your configured files collection, so that an individual file is opened on Windows logon, according to the configured files entry in the configured files list. You may delete a particular file from the list by clicking the ‘x’ button, and a URL may be added by clicking the URL button. You can navigate throughout the list of configured files by clicking the up or down arrow keys.

Instant File Opener 1

Download Instant File Opener

It works perfectly on all versions of Windows including Windows 7 and Windows 8. Enjoy!

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