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Open Firefox & Internet Explorer In Any Specific Resolution

RunRes is a free tool for Windows that can launch an application in any resolution you define. Mostly the applications in question can be any browser or software that you commonly use. Suppose you are a web developer and want the browser to always open in 1024×768 resolution for testing purpose. In such situations you can define the size in the program and it will always open it in that specific resolution.

RunRes browser resolution

To add a new application, click Add, choose the program and hit OK. Once the app has been added, drag the slider to define the resolution, select the program from the list, and click Run.

Both Firefox and Internet Explorer are added by default, but you can add other browsers and applications too. In my testing both both Internet Explorer and Firefox were launched successfully, but had no luck in running other apps in a specific resolution.. You can give it a try and let me know if it works great on your side.

Download Run Res

It works on all versions of Windows including the latest Windows 7. Enjoy!

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