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Open Multiple Applications With A Single Click Instantly

I recently learned a small handy trick which allows us to start multiple applications at once. If you are like me who has to open 5-6 programs at once then it will come really handy. Running multiple programs turn by turn is too boring for me, that’s why I use this trick to open multiple programs instantly.

Open a notepad and type,

@echo off

Below this line write the code to open any application, for e.g the code for opening Firefox will be,

start “Firefox” "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

Here is how you write the code, first type start and then name of application and then it’s location. Name and Location of application must be in quotation marks respectively.

You can find the location of the application by right-clicking it and then selecting Properties.

firefox properties After you have written the codes of all programs that you wan to open, go to File and click Save As, now save the file as [any file name].bat and next to Save as type, select All files as shown in the screenshot below. Please note that I have added .bat(batch file extension) at the end of file name.

batch file example

Since I open 5 different applications whenever my computer starts, here is how my .bat file looks like,

batch file Click your batch file that you have created and all programs which you  have added will open at once instantly. Enjoy!

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