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Open Your Optical Disk Drive With A Keyboard Shortcut [Windows]

Optical disk drives are still an integral part of almost all Windows machines. Even though devices like the Surface tablet prove you don’t need the drive to have a perfectly usable system, they are no where near going extinct. The optical drive isn’t going to go the way of the floppy drive for another few years. If you ever compare an ordinary Windows machine from a major manufacturer like hp or Dell, to a MacBook, you will notice that among the many design variations, the drive on a MacBook doesn’t need to be opened or closed. The same can’t be said for optical drives on both laptops and desktop tower setups. You either have to open it from My Computer or you have to press the physical button on the drive itself. If you’re looking for a much easier way to do this, give Door Control a try. It’s a free Windows app that will open/eject the optical drive with just a keyboard shortcut. It also claims to be able to close the drive but that will depend on the actual hardware on your system.

Download and Install Door Control. It will add an eject icon to the system tray. Click it to open the optical drive.

door control eject

To configure a keyboard shortcut to do the same, right-click the icon and click ‘Hotkey’ from the context menu. Press the key combination that you want to use to open your optic drive and it will appear in the Shortcut Key field.

door control

Door Control claims it can also close the optical drive but it won’t do so unless the drive itself has this feature. Think back to a time when large stereo systems came with CD players. There was normally an eject/open button to open the drive but if you didn’t use the button and instead just pushed the tray in a bit, it would close. Or you could use a remote to close it. The same doesn’t hold true for the drives on most laptops but some drive that are likely part of a tower PC machine might still have this ability. If you have such a drive on your system, Door Control will be able to close the drive as well as open it.

Download Door Control 

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