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openAviToGif: Generate Animated GIF Images From AVI Videos

Sharing funny GIF animations has been a popular internet trend for over a decade now. Head over to any (well, most) of the internet forums and websites, and you will see numerous comic GIF animations shared by many different folks. Creating GIF animations is a no rocket-science though, anyone with the right set of tools (and a little bit use of brain of course) can create one of their own. If you ever wondered how to create one of your own animated GIF image files, for let’s say, to publish them on internet forums or other websites etc., then give openAviToGif a try. This open source program allows you to convert AVI videos into animated GIF sequences. Along with single file conversion, the utility also supports batch mode, allowing you to convert as many AVI files as you want in one go. You just need to grab both the application and the CODEC pack (which is also available on the developer’s page) to create GIF animations from your video (AVI) files. Read on to find out how the program works.

When you have downloaded the program and the CODEC pack, just place all the files in a single folder, and run the application’s executable file. To perform the conversion, just drag the AVI file over the application to add it to the Input files list. You may also drag & drop multiple files at one. Now, under the Settings section, specify your required settings for the output file, which includes Output resolution (height & width), Processed frame(s) at a single time, Delay between frames (in millisecond) and Max threads. In addition, you can enable Infinite loop (for seamless sequence) and specify Max colors (from 2 Bit to 256bit) to be used for animated GIF. Now, under the Output directory section, choose your destination folder and click the Convert button to start the conversion process.


Although the program works like a charm, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you start using it, such as you’d need a separate video trimming tool to cut a video to the right length as most GIF animations are short in length, and as of now, the program can only convert AVI files, but according to the developer you may try other formats as it uses ffmpeg library. openAviToGif is a portable utility that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

Download openAviToGif

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