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Optimize Windows Hosts File

There may be multitude of reasons as to why optimize WinHosts file, the reasons being it can be used for blocking specific websites, increase load up time of frequently visited WebPages and so on. HostsOptimizer is small utility designed for optimizing the content of WinHosts file, by eliminating the duplicate host names and comments. Adding more, you can also add up to 9 host names in a single line, pointing to the same IP address.

By default the hosts file resides in;


Which can be easily opened by Windows default text editor Notepad.


To start out with it, launch the app. First we would recommend you to create a backup of the Winhosts file, by enabling Create backup option. Enable Incude Localhost option and select the number of line against a Host name. Click Optimize Hosts to start optimization process. It will remove all the duplicate host names, and comments. Specified hosts names per line will be added too.


To understand the WinHosts file attributes, check out detail article on Editing WinHosts File. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7.

Download HostsOptimizer

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  1. It’ll basically add a bunch of entries to the file(entries being a line in the document, for those who aren’t as geeky :P).

    SpyBot Search & Destroy also has this function somewhere in it’s settings. Though it does put the file as non-editable. So you have to create a new, empty file, copy the contents, delete the old one and then rename the new one to “hosts”. Kinda bothersome, but they add a lot of good things.

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