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Optimize Your Windows PC For Gaming

It is a common understanding among gamers that Windows system is not optimized for gaming by default. Yes, having a faster CPU and GPU always helps (which is the first thing gamers will recommend when you complain about lag) but do you share files, use Windows Media Center, or perform other tasks whilst playing a game in full resolution? Definitely not. This is why Game Fire is so useful because it helps in limiting and turning off many functionality of Windows which is not required to play games. This in turn also saves some system resources so that they can be used by the game instead, thus giving you a slightly better overall performance.

It does not help users with powerful high-end computers but definitely comes handy if you have a medium to low-end PC. We have reviewed a similar tool before called Game Booster but Game Fire looks more simplistic and easy to use.

On launch, you will be greeted with a System Status showing the usage of each important system components – CPU usage, Memory usage, System disk usage, and Virtual Memory usage.

Game Fire

The Running Process tab can be used for closing a certain process but this is not the important part of the application since the default Task Manager can also be used for this purpose. The Files Defragment tab is quite useful since it helps in defragmentation of game files, thus speeding up both the loading and running of your games.

Game Defragmentation

Before you turn on the gaming mode, you have to set up your Gaming Mode Profile where you will find a bunch of useful options that define what part will be disabled, limited, and optimized for Gaming.

By default, it optimizes unneeded scheduled tasks and defrags system memory to free up computer resources, but you can limit hardware support, disable visual effects, turn off Windows functions and system security.

Gaming Mode Profile

Once Gaming Mode is enabled, it will automatically sit in the system tray taking only 2MB of memory. The only requirement to run is .NET Framework 3.5 minimum with Service Pack 1 installed. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Game Fire

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