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OrangeNote: Text Clipping Manager & Note Taking Application

OrangeNote is a free WPF-based note-taking app which lets you to take notes with great ease through a single click. It allow you to store unlimited number of completely-indexed and tagged notes. You can use them at any time by simply pulling them up from the app. Another handy feature is the integration of hotkeys with the notes.

It sits in the system tray, whenever you need to note-down something important, click the icon and start writing. What makes it one of the most beautiful notetaking app is that you can play around with different font colors and change app color as well. The respective options are provided at the bottom of the window. Upon click color pallet will appear, from where you can apply desired color.

color palet

It will give you the easiest way of changing font size, unlike traditional method of specifying size, just move the scroll bar at the bottom, to change the font size.


For finding out specific text and characters in note, just enter the search keyword in the search pane present at the left-bottom of the window.

find text

From top-right corner, you can see the auto-save ETA. To associate a hotkey with the current note click Add a hotkey and then press the desired hot-key.


For pulling out any existing notes, right-click the system-tray icon and select the one you are looking for.


All in all, it is a great app for quick notetaking and pulling them up for later use, making commonly typed text(such as, address, phone number, etc) even more quicker. It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. We tried it on our Windows 7 32-bit test system without any problems.

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