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Organize & Manage Huge Photo & Video Databases Using Snaps

Most users find it hard to organize their huge collections of photo and video albums. There are various tools available out there, but only a few applications provide the flexibility to organize, tag, share and prioritize information in order of importance. Snaps is a photo and video management utility that scans your computer or custom-specified locations for the relevant data, organizes it according to the date, and relies on geo tagging and popularity rating to add value to your memories. With features like add caption & descriptive tags and the freedom to upload relevant photos to popular online sharing sites, you are in a better position to manage your multimedia files. Pictures can be uploaded directly to social media websites like Facebook and Flickr. Moreover, a sleek viewing mode allows you to navigate through the multimedia with peace of mind.

Once installed, the Quick Start Wizard allows you to add online photo sharing profiles to Snaps. Click New to select a suitable website like Facebook. After specifying the Profile Name, the Facebook login page would open, enabling you to connect your account to the application. Upon successful authentication, you can easily share pictures from within Snaps.

Snaps - Online Sharing

The software prompts you to specify image and video folders that are to be organized. After this, it automatically scans and loads all appropriate files to the dashboard with a hierarchical tree in the left sidebar with dates highlighted. Items are displayed according to each month with the quantity highlighted. The toolbar allows you to switch between viewing modes, open new files, share and begin slideshow. To search for a specific file, type the desired keyword in the search bar at the top right corner of the window.

Snaps - Main

You can group, sort or filter files using the right-click context menu. A notable feature is the ability to geotag photos according to the specific location using integrated Google Maps. Moreover, captions and properties can also be used to differentiate and navigate effectively. The slider at the bottom pane allows you to zoom and adjust the layout accordingly.

Snaps - Context Menu

Creating geotags allow you to add real-time value to a memory as well as easily search files. The viewing mode can be selected from the relevant buttons at the top pane that bring to view selected images with reference to the description sidebar. You can easily rate, add notes, tags and assign a place to photos. To assign a place, you must search for the address and click Map It in the Geotag window to have an impact.

Snaps - Geotagging

The three viewing buttons encourage you to benefit from a user-friendly viewing mode coupled with easy navigation, location and description.

Snaps - Viewing mode

We tested this utility on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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