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Outlook 2010: Empty Deleted Items Folder On Exit

If your Deleted Items Folder in Outlook 2010 contains lots of emails and you don’t want to empty the folder over and over again manually, then you can choose to empty all Deleted Items on exit. Now whenever you will open Outlook again, you will find an empty Deleted Items folder.

Click the Office button and then choose Options.

Outlook 2010 OPtion

Now locate the Advanced tab in the left side menu bar.

Advanced Tab OUtlook 2010

Under the Outlook start and exit section, locate and check the Empty Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook option.

Outlook 2010 Start and Exit

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  • richardhula

    How do you get rid of annoying prompt when exiting though? This happens even though “Prompt before permanently deleting…..” is unticked.

    • john

      To be notified before the Deleted Items folder is emptied automatically, on the Advanced tab, under Other, select the Prompt for confirmation before permanently deleting items check box.
      Just untick this box

      • Bentley Corbitt

        Not a reader. Are you?

        • LestatGaming

          made me lol

  • Santi

    Very old post but, I found that this option is fatal if you have configured several (IMAP) accounts because it deletes all accounts trash.

  • Jimbaxter

    What happened to the “select all” button for deleting?

    • Jordan Pickar

      lol Ctrl+A is select all

  • jim Campbell

    I just fired up my Outlook 2010 account, which is syched to my Gmail….How do i set the preferences to have the SENT & DELETED messages saved in my Outlook Email folders VS. the Gmail folders?!

  • gedleman

    My Outlook 2010 empties my deleted folder when exiting. I do not want this to happen and I have unchecked the option in the advanced tab menu. Any suggestions?