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Outlook 2010 Facebook Add-in

FBLook is a nifty little plugin developed for Outlook to keep yourself updated about friends’ activity on facebook. The add-in provides users two simple features – update status messages and view complete news feed.

It was originally developed for Outlook 2007 where one could easily post status updates and access news feed via a simple toolbar. However in Outlook 2010 there is no such toolbar and can be used only from the Add-ins tab. This could be useful in workplaces where you don’t want co-workers or boss to know. 😉

Head over to the add-ins tab and hit the Login to Facebook button. Allow access to FBLook and you are done.

Login Facebook Outlook

facebook outlook 2010

It would be great if the developers could integrate the app as a widget like RedCritter and allow users to comment on their friend’s post without having to open up a web browser. One clever usage is when you need to post a song name as a status message, it supports both iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Download FBLook

It works on Outlook 2003 (SP3), Outlook 2007 (SP2) and Outlook 2010 (Beta) at the moment.

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