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Outlook 2010 Quick Steps

Quick Steps is a new feature in Outlook 2010 that makes it easier to perform multiple tasks in one click. Suppose you want to send an email and then want it to archive, now you can create a Quick Step and name it Send and Archive. Now whenever you will click this button, the email will be send and archived automatically.

This is certainly a great feature but not new to GMail users, since Google was the first to implement such a feature. Remember that Send and Archive is just one example, you can create any Quick Step of your choice.

Please note that Quick Step can involve more than two actions. If you want to perform three or four actions, it is possible. To add a further action, click the Add Action button. You can also choose a shortcut key for the quick step.

Outlook Quick Steps

Once you are done create Quick Steps, they will arranged under Home tab as shown in the screenshot. You can manage the Quick Steps and choose which one should display.

Manage Quick Steps

Apart from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft has redesigned Outlook to be more user friendly. Quick Steps is one way to make it easier for users to increase productivity.

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