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Outlook 2010 Tips: Automatically Close An Email Message After Replying

In Outlook 2010 when you open an email message to reply or forward it, the original message stays open even after the email has been replied or forwarded. If you reply to dozens of emails daily then this default setting can be really painful.

To make sure that the email message is closed after it has been replied or forwarded, click the Office button and then choose Options.

Outlook 2010 Options

In the Outlook Options dialogue box, go to the Mail section and locate the Replies and forwards category in the right side of the dialogue box. Here make sure to check the Close original message window when replying or forwarding option.

Close Original Outlook 2010

Hit OK to complete the configuration.


  1. Thanks for the guidance. I didn’t think there was a solution to this issue, but it’s become so bothersome that I just had to search outside the Outlook help files, and fixed things in a jiffy thanks to your post.

    Well done for sharing 😉

  2. Thanks for the quick and clear post on this problem – I have been experiencing this problem of a millin emails staying open after replying and it was so nice to find a solution so quickly and clearly. Thanks.

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