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Outlook 2010 Tips: Disable Attachment Preview

Microsoft Outlook 2010 has a feature that allows you to preview the attachments and documents if the handler is available for that particular file type. This feature may not be of any use to many users, since it can slow down the process of viewing an email(only if you have a low to medium-end computer).

To disable Outlook attachment preview, click the Office(File Menu) button and choose Options.

Outlook 2010 Options In the Outlook Option dialogue box, go to the Trust Center option and hit the Trust Center Settings button.

Trust Center Settings

Locate the Attachment Handling option in the left sidebar of the Trust Center dialogue box and then check the Turn off Attachment Preview checkbox.

Trust Center Settings

This will result in faster email preview speed since the attachments will not be previewed unless done so manually.

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  • David

    Did not work…but I figured it out. Simply click View Settings (Under View Tab), then click Other Settings, then simply select No Auto Preview (in the center of the page). Viola…no more previews!

  • Oh God, THANK YOU so much for this. It was driving me crazy!!!

  • Bhavik Jadav

    Good solution

  • Anon

    David got it right

  • Huyen Nguyen

    Thank you so much

  • Amresh Amry


  • Steve

    Worked for me. Love it!

  • Saul

    3 years an no one noticed that all comments are about the mail preview (which can easily be switched by a button)? This article is about the preview of attachments (like pdf, word, etc), which is a totally different thing.

  • JohnnyGoTime

    AWESOME, thanks!
    If this didn’t work for you, close & restart Outlook…I had to do that for the change to take effect.