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Outlook HTML Messages To Plain Text Converter

If you use Outlook to manage all your incoming and outgoing emails, it is better to add some additional layer of security to it. There are various HTML messages that are actually spam, opening some of these HTML message can directly infect your computer. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can scan the email before opening it?

PocketKnife Peek is not an antivirus add-in for Outlook, rather it is a simple HTML to Plain text converter. With this COM add-in you will be able to see the message in plain text before opening it in it’s original format. It adds a Peek button when you select any email from the list. Click it and a new window will open with the message in plain text.

Note: You will have to disable Outlook Reading Pane so that the email doesn’t automatically open up in preview pane.

pocketknife peek

There are three other tabs that lets you view HTML Source(if any), Internet Header, and Attachments. HTML source will show the the source of the message, Internet Header will show you the date/time message was send and received along with other information, and the Attachment will show you any attached files.

Internet Header Outlook

You can also reply or forward the message directly in plain text. There are two benefits of such tool – One is that it prevents any malicious virus from entering your computer since you can open the email in plain text if you don’t know who the sender is and second is that you can save the bandwidth if you are on a very slow internet connection.

Download PocketKnife Peek Add-In For Outlook

It works on Outlook 2000 and later versions including both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Enjoy!

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