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Parley.im Is Advanced Facebook Chat Client With Instant Notifications

Need an advanced Facebook chat client to not only view online friends but photos, notifications, and wall updates as well? Have a look at Parley.im. It carries all those features which are not present in Facebook and in many desktop Facebook chat clients available out there. Parley.im can show all Friends who are online but not available on chat, send auto-message to respond to conversations when you’re busy, and make you appear online to only selected Friends.

Other than novel chat features, it allows browsing through friends photo albums with option to download all the selected albums. Facebook Birthday module is also integrated to keep you updated with upcoming birthdays of your friends and family members. Additionally, it implements Growl like smart notification system to keep you notified about online friends and when someone amongst your specified friend list sends you message. With live notifications, you can instantly view all the Friends, Groups, and Facebook Apps requests.

Instead of defining groups of friends for conversation purposes, you can use Parley.im to view and chat with only specified friends. The Parley.im interface lets you view Inbox with all recent notifications. After installation, you need to create a Parley.im account (takes hardly a minute) followed by sign in with your Facebook login details. Once done, it will open a IM-like interface at right side of the screen, showing all your online friends. It doesn’t clutter up your desktop by opening separate chat window for each online friend. It lists down all the Friends with whom you’re chatting with at right side of chat window, so you can easily switch between active conversations.

parley 1

From the bottom of Parley.im window, you can access Calendar to mark events and launch Facebook photo viewer to view and download photo albums. Here, you can change default alert and notification specific settings and logout from Facebook.

settinngs 4

There isn’t any configuration required to sync the birthday events. Just right-click the date, add event, and allot event priority. You can toggle show birthdays in current month On/Off from left bottom corner. Once enabled, it will fetch the birthday info in order to create corresponding birthday events in Calendar.

calendar 1

The Photo Viewer shows the friend list at left sidebar. Select the friend from the list to view the albums in main window. To download the album, click View Photo present in left side, and click Download Albums from top, and select the albums that you want to save at local directory.

photo download

The notification pops-up over the Windows Start Orb. It shows notifications about all types of activities, online friends, friends go offline, comment on wall, photo, video, and so on.


During testing, the birthday calendar module threw exceptions. However, Parley.im works without showing any other problems. You can check out complete feature list on product page. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Parley.im

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