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Pdf-No-Img: View PDF Documents Without Images

Many PDF documents contain a lot of imagery, including snapshots of graphs, company logos, demonstrative images, etc. While reading a PDF document with images can be useful, it can also have an overwhelming effect on the eyes, as e-book reading can be more stressful than reading from the conventional paper. Furthermore, flashy PDF images can also be irritating as they can distract the reader from concentrating on the document. Pdf-No-Img is a handy tool that creates a an image-less version of PDF documents to allow users to read them without images. It is not a PDF viewer, but rather, it makes it possible to view PDF documents without images. When you open a PDF document with Pdf-No-Img, it replaces the imagery with gray boxes. This helps the reader to focus on the text and to avoid getting distracted by graphical content.

To open a document with Pdf-No-Img, you can either launch the application individually and drag/drop PDF files, or use the Windows Open With option via right-click context menu.

Open with

Once a document is specified, the document will open with your default PDF reader, with a new stripped down, imageless version.

Windows_Developer_Preview-Windows8_guide_NoImg.pdf - Adobe Reader

If you would prefer reading all PDF documents without images, then it might be a good idea to associate your PDF documents with Pdf-No-Img, by specifying it as the default PDF reader. Obviously, the document will always open in your default PDF viewer, however, this method will allow you to view stripped down, imageless versions, each time you open a document. Pdf-No-Img wors on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Pdf-No-Img

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