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PDFrizator: Create Animated PDF Presentations With Background Music

To maintain the presentation composition on multiple platforms and systems, you may want to use the PDF version of the original file. This is useful for printing purposes, but for presenting you have to sacrifice the transitions and effects not supported in PDF. PDFrizator makes up for this drawback by allowing you to add effects like page transitions and background music to create attractive PDF presentations. This can be achieved either by importing any PDF or a set of images that will be saved in the PDF format. With a powerful file explorer supporting both local and internet browsing capability from audio and image search engines like Picasa, Flickr, Twitpic, Bing Images (plus Windows Azure Marketplace), SoundCloud and Google Images, PDFrizator allows you to make the most of useful information around you. In addition, you can convert multiple image formats (like gif, jpg, png) and comic books (in cbr, cbz formats) to PDF using this tool.

The application installation allows you to install in the normal or portable mode. Once installed, it instantly loads onto the system with a simple, feature-rich interface. The main functions are present on the toolbar while the Resources and Page editor can be distinguished based on the relevant tabs at the left corner of the window. The left pane allows you to browse through both local and internet directories. You can search, identify and add both images and sounds to your workspace, instantly from multiple sources saving the time and effort. The middle panel simplifies navigation within the PDF document or images. Remember to enable the presentation mode from the General Options in the right sidebar.

PDFrizator - Presentation Mode

To search and add images from popular online services including Google Images, Bing Image Search, and the like, click the Internet tab in the General category. You can pinpoint your results by specifying the appropriate size, color, style, type and the safe search level from the Options drop-down menus. Hovering the cursor over any image highlights the path while double clicking adds it to the resources.

PDFrizator-Image Search

Similarly, sound clips can be added either from the local directory or from the Internet using SoundCloud search. You can play the clip from within the application to confirm your selection. The relevant path must be specified in the Background Music field on the right sidebar.

PDFrizator - Background Music

Pages and images can be inserted into a PDF file using the application while giving you the freedom to choose from multiple page Transition effects from the related drop-down menu in the General Options.

PDFrizator Add Transitions

All in all, PDFrizator is a useful application equipping you with the just the right set of tools to handle images, audios and PDF files for creating presentations. We tested it on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download PDFrizator

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