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TimeComX Is Updated With Usage/Activity Mode

Back in 2009, we covered an efficient automation tool named TimeComX. The developer has now improved the utility with lot of intuitive features and options in the latest version (1.2.3). It is an ingeniously simple system scheduler and automation tool, which is now augmented with enhanced UI and multitude of usage modes. Among multiple modes, the most significant is Usage/Activity mode.

This mode works on the principle of trespassing on the specified threshold. You can set the Processor usage and Network bandwidth simultaneously or exclusively as a threshold, which when passed, triggers the specified task. Along with System Shutdown, Restart, Audio-Signal, other tasks such as; Hibernate, System Lock, Sleep, Log Off are also added in the application. Modes and tasks can be set from the respective tabs. Under Events tab, you can choose simple or advanced counter, set time of day, and make use of Usage/Activity mode. You also need to set a idle countdown timer to trigger the event after a specified amount of time. Under Task tab, you have to select any one task which will be set against selected event/mode.


Another useful option it offers is protecting the application with a password. It helps you to exclusively use the application while preventing it from unauthorized users. At the upper part of the window, click Lock imaged button to enter the passphrase for protecting the application.


You can configure General, Countdown Notification, Password, and Audio Output settings from the Options window. It let you set up settings for taking screenshots before starting tasks, create an event log, start up with Windows logon, etc.


This multi-featured automation tool provides one-stop solution for scheduling system shutdowns whilst offering automation of different system functions in multiple ways. It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download TimeComX 1.2.3

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