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Perform Network Security Auditing With Nmap Security Scanner

Nmap is an open source tool for network auditing and exploration. It can help system and network administrators discover available hosts and find out what services and operating systems they are running. It supports many advanced mapping and port scanning techniques and assists network inventory creation, service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime. It uses raw IP packets to determine the available hosts, operating system types, services, packet filters an firewalls are in use on the network.

The robust scanning options allows it to quickly and intensely scan the network.

Scan Type

Detailed information can be acquired by a specified host by simply initiating a scan. The Nmap Output tab provides this information in text format that can also be copied via right-click context menu.Zenmap

The ports/hosts tab provides port information in relation to the targeted host, whereas a topology map can be seen from the Topology tab.

Topology Map

Generic information for the specified host can be seen from the  Host Details tab. This includes IP, MAC, open and filtered ports. Host Details

All scans that have been performed are saved in the Scans tab and double clicking on a scan name provides the details of the selected scan. This serves as a scan history section and can therefore, be useful for quick reference to previously performed scans.

Scan History

Nmap runs on all major computer operating systems, and official binary packages are available for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. If you would like to use a tool that provides graphical representation of general network stats, check out AthTek NetWalk.

Download Nmap

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