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Perform Network Throughput Test On Wired And Wireless Networks

Network throughput is measured as the average rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel. The data may be delivered over a link, or pass through a certain network node and is usually measured in bits per second, data packets per second or data packets per time slot.

TamoSoft Throughput Test is an application for performing network throughput test on wired and wireless networks. The test is performed using a client server setup which requires at least two machines (physical or virtual, the former being more reliable for testing). The client connects to the server and sends TCP and UDP data streams while computing important metrics, such as upstream and downstream throughput values, packet loss, and round-trip time. The results are displayed in numeric and 3D chart formats. The available information can be saved as a bitmap or copied to clipboard for further review. Another good feature of this application is that it supports both IPv4 and IPv6 connections and can evaluate network performance based on the Quality of Service (QoS) settings.

To get started, launch the server on one machine and the Client version on the other. Both are installed by default with the application.

Client or Server

The Server configuration is quite simple and requires merely choosing the IP version and entering the IP of the Server machine. Once the IP is entered, click Connect to make the Server functional.


To perform the test, launch the Client version on another machine, enter the server IP and click Apply.

TamoSoft Throughput Test - Server

The test will immediately begin and a 3D chart will appear showing results in real time. The Thoroughput option displays the throughput test results.


Whereas, the  Loss option shows UDP upstream and downstream results.


RTT displays the round-trip time in milliseconds. All data is not just available in chart form but also visible in numerical form above each chart.


TamoSoft Throughput Test works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Download TamoSoft Throughput Test

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