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Perform Read/Write Test And Clean USB Drive

Most people think that formatting the USB Drives is enough to remove all previous activity, but this is not actually true. Windows format the USB Drive simply by removing all content, but what if you want to remove the content and at the same time make deleted files irrecoverable?

This is a very important situation because if you give away your USB Drive after formatting using Windows default format feature, then anyone can recover your previously saved content. Check Flash is a free tool that tests your USB drive and can also be used to format your USB in such a way that all previously stored files become irrecoverable.

While performing a read/write test on your USB, it will first write junk data in all sectors and then remove it. When it adds and removes the junk data from all sectors, the traces of your previously stored files are removed.

Check Flash

So this tool can be used as both USB drive speed tester and also as a way to remove all previous traces of your files so that they become unrecoverable.

Warning(For Beginners): Don’t use the 3rd option since it will format all your local drives too. Make sure only the first option is selected and also backup all files in your USB drive. To perform a proper clean up, the USB Drive must be empty.

Download Check Flash

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!


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