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Vlogger – Perform String And Line Number Based Filtering Over Log Files

Managing log files can become a tiresome task, especially when you’re dealing with lengthy log files containing some invalid and unsupported characters. Searching such characters require using dedicated log file organizer which can seamlessly search every string instance you want to find in a log file. Take Windows event log files for an example, if you want to find all the previous instances related with system hibernation and shutdown, Windows Notepad might not be able to find strings having shutdown, hibernations or other Windows events triggered in the past. Vlogger is a small yet powerful Adobe-Air based open source log manager, supporting LOG, HTML, TXT formats and string / line number based filtering. To review imported log files by applying variety of other functions, you can export the LOG files to Excel supported format.

Vlogger  CWindowsWindowsUpdate.log

After installing the application, click Import a File to either specify LOG, HTML, TXT file or to paste log file content present in Windows clipboard. Once log file is inserted, it will show the content in left window. Above it, string filtering and line number search box is present to filter out specific strings from inserted log file and to display only defined number of lines in searched data. Under Search data, it will filter the log file content according to specified strings and line numbers range. You have to first enter the string which you wish to search and then specify line numbers to be shown in Search data box, to further filter out the log file content.

vlogger line

Vlogger is great little app to perform in depth searching over log files. However, it doesn’t have features to analyze the log files against different criteria and parameters.  It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, requiring Adobe Air compiler installed already.

Download Vlogger

Looking for an advanced log file analyzer and manager, check out MaaS360 Log Viewer and SnakeTail.

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