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Perform Wi-Fi Connection Diagnosis With PEAP Provision Using TekWiFi

Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol or PEAP was jointly developed by Cisco, Microsoft and RSA Security in order to resolve deficiencies of EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) which is used in wireless networks and Point-to-Point connections. PEAP was designed to provide more secure authentication for 802.11 Wireless LANs. TekWiFi is a portable application that monitors your wireless connection and displays available wireless networks in reach. You can acquire diagnostic information on connected wireless networks, assigned IPs, as well as associated gateway and DNS servers. It automatically provides PEAP authentication on client side, along with diagnosis of connection problems for DNS servers, default gateway, Wi-Fi hotspot or the specified ISP homepage, which makes TekWiFi very useful.

After being launched, TekWiFi displays a list of all available connections. Double click on any connection to obtain more details about it.

Select Connection

This will open the Diagnostic tab, where you have to enter the Wi-Fi key and login credentials for PEAP authentication before clicking Connect. The Diagnostic tab is handy for diagnosing possible connection issues. The diagnostic option displays information regarding the DNS Server, default gateway, ISP Home page and internet connectivity status, whereas, the Connect option enables PEAP security. PEAP has been designed to overcome the shortcomings of 802.11 security, including shared key authentication. For this reason enabling PEAP can help you avoid attackers who may capture encrypted frames and analyze them to acquire your encryption key to hijack your wireless connection.


The Settings tab can be optionally configured to enter your ISP’s homepage and internet host.


TekWiFi works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

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