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Permanently Delete Files With Freeraser File Shredder

Since the Data recovery software are abound and have relative attributes to perform either track-wise or sector-wise recovery for recovering deleted/lost files. What if you’ve been working on some confidential project, which after deletion must not be recovered or divulged in any case? Rather than going for orthodox way of removing confidential project/task files, it is recommended to use File Shredders.

In layman’s term, a method for hard-core deletion of file(s). Shredders can come in quite handy depending upon the mechanism they use for deletion. Considering the importance, Freeraser, is a staunch portable data shredder, featuring three mechanism based on multiple rounds-filling for ensuring complete & permanent data deletion.

Usage can’t be easier, after the application is installed, you can launch it from system tray to bring up its Recycled Bin imaged box. Before deleting the file, select one from three given Destruction Modes, i.e, data erasing mechanism; Fast, Forced and Ultimate.

destruction mode1

Fast mode refers to standard 1-round filling of random data, Forced enables 3 rounds of filling (DoD 5220 22M standard) and Ultimate forces 35 rounds of data filling (uses Guttman algorithm). Once file erasing mechanism is specified, just drag the folders/files into its Recycle Bin to begin the file destruction process.


A message box will pop-up asking for confirmation, click Continue to ensure complete removal of files without any odds of recovering it back.


Apart from selecting destruction modes, you can also configure different appearance & system alerts’ settings from system tray icon which mainly includes; Icon size, Transparency, enable/disable alerts, etc.

So, if you’ve finished a confidential project lately, rather going for traditional way of removing files, give this application a shot to ensure permanent removal.

It runs on all Windows based OS including the latest Windows 7. Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86.

Download Freeraser

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