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PhiTodo – Impressive Simple Task Manager

It amazes me how many new to-do task management apps are out there. Everyone is trying to do their best to simplify the tasks. The most popular is Remember The Milk, a few days back we covered Doit.im which we assumed could be a serious competitor, and today we discovered another awesome task manger called PhiTodo.

Unlike Doit.im, it has a web interface build on Adobe Flash and also has a cross-platform Adobe Air client. Once you login, you are shown a dead-simple clean interface where you can start adding new tasks.

From the left sidebar you can create new items, simply right-click and select New Item, double-click the item name to rename it, or you can do all this by clicking the small options button.

Phitodo new item

On the top you will find the filter which allows users to quickly find the tasks. You can filter the task by various names, such as, Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, Started, Starred, and more. To see the complete list, hit Options > Browse.

phitodo filter

Once you have created a new item, select it and then hit Add Task button. In the new window you have to type the task name, give it a score, choose the date and the description. The score runs from 0-5 and is much like a priority.

phitodo Click the screenshot above to enlarge

Once you complete a task, check it and it will vanish from the main list. To see the completed task, go to More > Show History. You can move the tasks, edit them, add a star(give higher priority), and share it with other users(friends).

Phitodo show history Click the screenshot above to enlarge

The awesome thing about PhiTodo is that both the web interface and Adobe Air client have the exact same interface. Do you love simplicity and ease-of-use? If yes, then give this app a shot. It is free and did I mention that you can also organize tasks into projects, group tasks, and see the time spend for each task?


The cross-platform app works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Enjoy!


  1. Is this what we now know as Todo? Looks good anyway. My boss looked at a selection of task managers a couple of months ago and chose http://www.dooster.net which has been so good. He got into a state about the nth mix up and decided to try out a task manager. He was blaming me for everything too at the time. Dooster.net has saved me and if it’s anything as good as Dooster.net then it’s worth a look.

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