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PhotoPad: Photoshop-Inspired Image Editor That Lets You Apply Effects In Layers

When I talk to people about how user-friendly and elucidative a photo editing application Photoshop is, they often give me sceptical glances. The reason? Simple enough – not everyone’s a master in Photoshop, and most casual users want simple and light-weight photo editors, as they are easy to use and provide almost all the image editing and re-touching features. PhotoPad Image Editor is one such photo editor that provides a definitive solution even for a novice users. It is a powerful photo editor that contains a number of  options and effects to quickly re-touch your images. The application comes with a variety of color filters and effects that you can quickly apply to your images and make them look gorgeous. Apart from color settings and photo effects, it lets you create panoramic images and collages within a few clicks. Moreover, you can quickly acquire images from connected camera and USB drives. Details to follow after the jump.

While installing the application, make sure that you disable the installation of unwanted software and changes that it make to your system; just uncheck all check boxes and click Finish.

Inspired from Office like ribbon-based user interface, it offers all the effects, styles and color filters in separate tabs present on the ribbon. The Home tab contains panorama and collage tools to quickly create panoramic images and collages, respectively. It also lets you acquire images from external connected devices such as cameras and thumb drives. The Insert tab lets you insert image, mosiac and text into the canvas. The inserted objects act as layers, and can be easily removed from the canvas.

You can drag the image you want to edit over the main interface, and then select the color filters and photo effects from Colors and Effects tabs respectively.Unlike other photo editing tools, it overlays color filters or effects without making any permanent changes to the image in the editor. All the layers can be handled from right side bar. It lets you remove any applied layer with a click; just click close button present on applied layer to remove the selected effect from the image. Each layer provides you with its related settings. For example, if you apply vigenette effect, you will be able to sharp or blur this effect as per your requirement.


The Colors tab houses options for adding color related effects to your images such as Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Auto levels, Hue, Saturation, Tint and Temperature.  Additionally, there are 3 more filters you can apply to the images namely Negative, Sepia and Black & White. Whatever filter you apply, you can use adjustment sliders to control its intensity.

Overall, PhotoPad Image Editor is a robust image editor that comes with a wide range of photo editing tools and features. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download PhotoPad Image Editor


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