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Photos+ Is A Unified Local, Facebook & Google+ Image Gallery And Editor For Windows 8

Photos+ is an image aggregator for Windows 8 and RT that lets you bring together your pictures from your social media accounts and local drive, allowing you to view or manage them under one roof. Although the social media support is fairly limited at this time – the app only supports Facebook and Google+ as of now – it does boast an elegant interface which will make photo management a breeze  and leave you impressed with its awesome photo editing and photo management features. The app makes use of the integrated photo editor by Aviary to provide you with a powerful set of editing tools for effectively fine-tuning your favorite images before uploading them to social media.

The app can be downloaded from Windows Store, where it’s available for free. The landing screen presents you with thumbnail-style tiles of folders stored in your Pictures folder. You can, however, select another local folder if you wish, using the built-in file explorer. Clicking or tapping a thumbnail brings forward the underlying images.

You can also tap Facebook or Google+ to sign in to your social media account. You will be required to authorize Photos+ to access your photos on these services. The landing screen also contains navigation buttons at the top-right named Facebook page, Create Album, Settings and Search.


Since both of the supported social media services allow creating photo albums, Photos+ lets you do just that directly from the app. To add a new album, hit Create Album at the top-right, enter the album name, description and destination (Facebook or Google+), and hit the Add Folder button.

Photo  _Album

Once an album is created, it appears on the main screen beside other thumbnails. You can open it and then hit Add Photos for inserting images into it from your local storage. The app allows uploading photos in batch, which eliminates the hassle of individually uploading each file. To begin uploading the selected files, hit Upload at the top-right corner.

Photo  _Photos

Clicking or tapping a thumbnail opens the photo in full screen and provides a few on-screen controls for image rotation, cropping or playing a slideshow. Speaking of slideshow, the app lets you adjust the speed of the sequence. And if you’re viewing the photo straight from your social media account such as Facebook, you can view any likes or comments that were posted by others.

Photo  _Edit

Aviary’s powerful photo editor has been a part of many photo apps on mobiles and tablets and Photo + takes full benefit of it as well. It supports Aviary’s offerings to lets you brush up your images to your heart’s content. You might want to check out our in-depth review of the app to see everything the editor has to offer. Aviary’s integration into Photo + make it possible to edit image prior to uploads.

Photo  _Aviary

Photos+ supports Windows 8 and Windows RT. Testing of the app was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit.

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