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PhotoScaler Scales Images Using Different Modes

Scaling of images is often required by web, magazine and newspaper publications to determine what space a photograph will occupy when it appears on a page or web page. It can be a bit tough to scale images without dispersing the pixels, which can lead to a low quality image output. Scaling options available in advanced image editing software like Photoshop can be a bit hard to comprehend and require a lot of image editing experience. It is often not possible for an individual with little technical know-how to manipulate images according to a desired criteria by using such an advanced application. An alternative can be to use simplified image scaling software.

PhotoScaler is an easy to use, portable tool, providing options to easily scale photos without the hassle of using complex image editing software. Images can be selected via drag & drop and has easy options to set color filters, width, height, and scale mode for scaling multiple images simultaneously. You can choose from a number of scale modes such as Bicubic, Bilinear and Anti-alias, with color filters like sepia, intensity, brightness and gray scale.

Just drag & drop images to PhotoScaler interface and choose your scaling parameters. The available options include, percentage scaling of height, size selection, scale mode and color filters. The Color Filter drop down menu provides additional styling options, including color intensity, brightness and colorization of pictures and to add effects like Sepia, Grayscale, Negative, Brighter, and Intensify, adding to the utility of the tool. Once you have selected your desired parameters, click Scale to process the files. Before the processing begins, you will be prompted to select an output folder to save the converted images. Hence, the images from the input folder will remain unaffected, whereas the output will be saved to the selected folder.


Once you have selected all images, they will be processed and saved to your selected output folder.


PhotoScaler is a good resource for people who have little know how of professional image editing software like Photoshop or CorelDraw and therefore, require a simple image scaling software. The only down side is that PhotoScaler does not display a preview of the changes which may occur when parameters are selected to scale an image. Therefore, it might take a bit of trial and error to get the scaling parameters right.

Before (Original)

wind turbin

After (Scaled)

wind turbin

PhotoScaler works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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